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Being a little more selfish has saved me a lot of time, so … Leila wants me to come back in six months for a check-in and also likely another one of my Andrew Jacksons.

She also told me that I am smart, beautiful, intelligent and hard working, and that I have a lot going for me. Joyous that my psychic had affirmed my unfair treatment, I stayed up until a.m. Thanks, Sword and Rose, for helping me drop the haters.But a few hours after her reading, I got a cryptic message from a friend that he had found the perfect man for me. The Chinatown Psychic While walking down Grant Street in Chinatown, I came across Zoltar, an automated fortune-teller machine.He has the cheapest rate I’d seen — a 30-second reading for just a dollar, along with a printout fortune to take home.Luckily, her reading predicted that the other two loves of my life were yet to come. “You can’t keep a bird on the ground,” Leila told me.I panicked a bit and told Leila that settling down with someone who doesn’t like to travel is my biggest fear.

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Leila held my hand and analyzed the wrinkles — which are apparently life lines, not just wrinkles.

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