Bbm status updates not updating

Posted by / 27-Sep-2017 18:22

The differences in app behavior and user experience between BBM and any Android app are quite jarring.

BB10 — and subsequently BBM — uses 3 different “panes” for its interface: Granted, the UI gets confusing at time, with the left pane being accessible via a swipe but not the right one.

By comparison, Whats App’s two checks only indicate that the message was delivered to the other phone, but there is no way of really knowing if it was read or not.

Another difference you might notice with Whats App is BBM’s lack of a “Last Seen” tracker.

The first time you launch BBM on your phone, you have to type your email address and wait for an invite email from Blackberry to be able to use the app.

Currently, the waiting averages at about a day, so try to be patient.

Here are a few other advantages and features of BBM: BBM for Android is far from perfect.In my opinion, BBM’s system is a blessing when compared to Whats App’s.This is especially true when you’re on the receiving end of a “stalking”: you can easily evade the other person and they’d be none-the-wiser.But for those of you who are new on the service, here are a few explanations and tips to help you get started.In the following paragraphs, I’ll compare BBM with Whats App mostly, because that’s currently one of the most popular cross-platform messaging services in the world, and the one I am most familiar with.

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After the snafu that Blackberry went through when trying to release Blackberry Messenger (BBM) on Android and i OS a couple of weeks ago, the company corrected the mistake this week and re-released the apps with a little caveat: you have to stand in line and wait for an invite to be able to use the service.