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Dating a springfield 22 rifle

Where do I find information on older model Savage products? Savage Arms is no longer able to access historical information on older Savage, Stevens, or Fox firearms.

Arthur William Savage (1857 - 1938), a native of Kingston, Jamaica, set out to design a repeating rifle based on the British Martini-Henry single-shot breechloader.

In November of that year, he filed a second patent application for a simplified one-piece breech mechanism with a longitudinal hole to accommodate the passage of cartridges from the magazine to the chamber.

Savage later abandoned the Martini action in favor of his own hammerless lever-action design, which featured a downward-tilting breechblock and rotary-spool magazine.

The Smith Corona M1903 rifle usually does not have any markings on the rifle, as many were produced in haste to fulfill the war demand.

By the time that the M1903-A4 was the Army's first standardized sniper rifle, but it was not well received mainly because optics were not evolved enough, with only low magnification and was prone to moisture gathering in the scope.

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His initial patent application was filed on April 10, 1889, but no models were produced until 1892, when a group of businessmen in Utica, New York agreed to back the development of a rotary-magazine rifle.