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Dating george hamilton

The exact reason why the couple split is not revealed yet, however, "Irrational difference" is believed to be the major reason behind their separation.Some sources also said that George was dating another woman while he was married to Alana and thus, the extramarital affair ultimately became the reason behind their divorce.‘I’m from a different family to you Kim…I’m always an outsider,’ said Ashley, who accused his sister of abandoning him while he was in rehab, though he also confessed, 'I wasn’t the brother I should have been.'‘It’s really hard for me to believe in myself because if you’re told that you’re stupid, and you’re this and you’re that, your whole life, then I think sometimes you would believe it,’ moaned the 34-year-old, who spent three-months in prison after a bar fight.‘I felt lost, I didn’t want to deal with my emotions so I just did drugs and partied and acted out because I was hurting inside,’ added the rock star spawn, who also appeared on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. The emotional moment happened as members of the blended showbiz family of Hamilton and his ex-wife Alana Stewart had dinner together and George said Ashley was a fine example for his youngest son, George Jr.'I want to see her find someone she can share her life with, I know it is platonic between Kimberly and Dean but I think her friendship with him is stopping her from finding a real relationship,' she told the cameras.Before getting married to Alana, George was reported to have an affair with a couple of girls and one of them was with Lynda Bird Johnson, daughter of the former US President Lyndon B. Currently, George Hamilton is reported to be single.Does he have any further plan regarding getting married, only time will tell us.Until then we wish him all the very best for his future. The suave, debonair and perpetually tanned star of TV’s Dynasty and hit movies such as Love At First Bite, Evel Knievel and The Godfather III is poised to unleash on British audiences two new movies, a TV comedy, two documentaries, and a book on modern manners.

Though George is currently single he has been in quite some troubled relationships in the past.

George Hamilton was previously married to famous actress Alana Stewart. From their relationship, the couple also has a child; a son named Ashley Hamilton.

However, their marriage didn't last more than three years and despite having a child, they finalized their divorce back in 1975.

(Hamilton sup­posedly was supporting his mother, whose fourth husband was an heir to the Spalding sporting goods fortune, in her 1100 Carolyn Way residence in Beverly Hills now estimated to be worth million.) They broke up after a year.

A few months later, Johnson met Chuck Robb, now her husband; and Hamilton continued acting.

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Their marital relationship too didn't last and the couple got divorced in 1984, after five years of marital relationship.