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Unless there’s an emergency or you’re really close with someone, it’s not okay to blow up a person’s phone when they don’t answer it.

When the guy you’re dating is comfortable enough to call you 3 or 4 times in a day with nothing important to tell you, he may eventually be comfortable enough to stalk you too!

We all know how easy it is to let a text conversation drag on throughout the entire day, but when you’re dating someone new and have nothing of substance to say, it doesn’t make sense to text all day.Wanting to spend all of your time with someone so early on comes from a place of insecurity, whether it’s being insecure about losing a woman to another man or being insecure that a woman may lose interest if you’re not always around.This behavior could also indicate a jealous or controlling nature.Being with a man that requires this much attention will wear you out and strain your budding romance.A new guy that wants to spend every second with you is a problem, but a new guy that makes you feel bad for doing things without him is even worse.

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