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The name 'White Stars' is historic dating back to the 1870's - a report in the Montgomeryshire Express in July 1879, talks of how the team won the North Wales Challenge Cup. Under the circumstances, what can one expect the committee of the club already faced with the task of reducing a considerable debt to do?

The team was set up by an Edward Gittins - a blacksmith from Coedyffridd and the name seems to derive from the fact that the team was made up of mostly working class men who simply couldn't afford a football strip. Thus it came as no surprise to many who know the real position that the committee intimated that the club would not run a team this season, but would concentrate their efforts on reducing the debt of the club still further. Bryan Orritt (Reserve) Standing by today as the Welsh Reserve is Bryan Orritt who hails from a small quarry village named Cwmyglo, Near Caernarvon.

On their arrival at 9.30, bells were peeled, the approaches to the station were crowded as the Newtown Brass Band played a variety of tunes, which included 'See the Conquering Hero comes'. There was a feeling in Newtown that the clubs ought to be united, because if they were divided, inevitably some time or other they would be defeated, although the White Star had shown great pluck hitherto, as had also the Newtown Club. Brian went through both his scrapbooks containing nostalgic press cuttings and photos, described many of the action shots in over 50 photographs, and reminisced many a match from the programmes he has also kept. It gave a tingling sensation and was very welcome in wet and cold conditions, having its own particular smell. The Football Club have also been assured that the expenses of the Isle of Man Amateur Soccer Competition, June 1956, will be met from Club funds. Owen, the Welsh Amateur International and his inclusion should do much to consolidate the middle line. Edgar patted me on the head and said it could have happened to anyone. as a Clerk, Graham was honoured by Welsh Association of Boy's Clubs recently at Hull against the English Boy's Clubs.

On Monday evening last, an adjourned meeting of persons favourable to football was held at the Lion Hotel, for the purpose of forming a united football club for the town. Some misapprehension was abroad that if the cup was won by any one club three years in succession it became their property. Abermule Wanderers, Winners of the Welshpool Knockout Competition, beating The Eagles 1v0. Brian had the honour/pleasure of playing in the opening match at Latham Park in September 1951, and the Robins of the 50s and 60s used the 'Magic Potion' to full effect until the emergence of the modern sprays took over. The County Times on the 28th August stated that Ted had accepted the offer of becoming player coach at Newtown.

We then looked further back, and found that at the annual dinner of the Denbighshire County Cricket Club, their secretary Edward Manners purchased a football for "the great want of amusement in this town in winter time".

I will of course mention Keith's discovery when mentioning this piece of information. As well as looks, the reason ordinary cars are offered with ridiculous wheel and tyre combinations is that the tyres are expensive, wear out very quickly and are vulnerable to damage, so tyre manufacturers discount the initial set to car manufacturers, to encourage them to be fitted, then reap huge rewards on replacements. Email your queries to [email protected] (please include your full name, postal address and phone number). Harding, his daughter Nicky and the family for permitting their use. Owners of the copyright of photos are being sought for their permission."In the Welsh 'Soccer' scene, the earliest Clubs to emerge were exclusively in the North of Wales where the gentlemen farmers and University graduates had the leisure time to take up the sport. Keen tackler who commands respect from opposing forwards.We intend to honour his memory and that of the original White Stars by ensuring successful teams at different age levels...although hopefully we won't have to resort to sewing material stars on our shirts! Newtown hold the honour of playing the first ever Welsh Cup tie which was against Druids FC Ruabon, resulting in a 1v1 draw, but a 4v0 defeat in the replay. Of the players, Challinor of the Warehouse takes first place, his kicking and tackling being very fine. "Whether there will be a team in Newtown this season depends upon what happens to the Central Wales League and upon what other clubs do," an official of the club told an "Express" reporter on Monday. If the present committee of the club will not run a team, there is no reason why there should not be a team in the town. Educated at Porth Grammar School where he played Rugby, Clive expressed the desire to 'have a go' at Soccer when he joined his local Boys' Club, and today is a promising outside-left. The first recorded football match to be played officially in Newtown was on the 9th February 1875. The first round also saw Newtown White Stars beating Ruabon 1v0 at home and the 23Wrexham were considered to be the better side. But for him, the loss would certainly have been heavier. The players are in the town, and others besides the present committee could run a team.

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