Dr dating pickup line

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Dr dating pickup line

, cause tonight your gonna sample my DNA Can I bombard your singularity with my rocket ship until you supernova?Let's work out our orbicularis oris muscles together! I believe you and I could prove the "Lock and Key" model later tonight Want to be my substrate/enzyme?The direction fields of my heart all point to you "Are you a carbon sample? baby lets measure the amplitude of our physical wave If I was a plant you'd make my roots extend Baby, you must be a start codon because you are turning me on. It's nucleophilic and ready to backside attack the halogen out of you.Baby, you must be a pile of dinosaur bones, cause I dig you!

If i was an enzyme, i'd be DNA helicase so i could unzip your genes Are you made of copper and tellurium?I might be a physics major, but I'm no Bohr in bed.Are you full of Beryllium, Gold, and Titanium, because you are Be-Au-Ti-Ful Let's make like a transcription factor and response element and turn things on.You are the HCl to my Na OH, lets make sweet love and make an ocean together Is it getting hot in here? Girl gave me Arsenic Sulfide so I tore that As S up Baby you must be made of mica rock because you have perfect cleavage You must be related to Alfred Nobel, because baby you are dynamite!Want to meet up so I can excite your natural frequency? it's how you apply the force If i was an endoplasmic reticulum, how would you want me: smooth or rough?

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Not only are we scientists, but we have the ability to do each other on a table, periodically.

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