Herpes speed dating

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Herpes speed dating

Chances are, genital herpes is not on your Christmas list this year. It's not the most fun STD (unlike chlamydia, which I hear is downright hilarious). The virus has been destigmatized in recent years, thanks to the fact that one in six American adults has it.

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But implicating HSV - a disease that already gets way more stigma than it is due - as the dastardly culprit behind a devastating disease is not based on sound science.

social group for adults 21 and up in the Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding area that are living with Herpes (HSV1 and HSV2) and HPV. We are not a dating service, just a group of people that gets together several times a month to have fun in a relaxed atmosphere, where you don’t have to worry about “that” for a while.

The editorial - not a new study, but essentially an open letter to the medical community based on previous (inconclusive) research - was covered in fairly alarmist fashion by the Telegraph.

Many outlets, including Time and several men's websites, followed suit.

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But no one has shown why this would happen, or given any evidence that it's the HSV causing the Alzheimer's.