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For clients that typically have sufficient local storage space, generates a file containing the full address book that contains a large set of user and contact object attributes.

To optimize download efficiency, it also generates up to 29 delta files that contain incremental updates containing the last one day, two days and up to 29 days worth of changes. For clients that have limited local storage such as Microsoft Communicator Phone Experience, generates a full address book file and up to 29 delta files that contain a restricted set of user and contact object attributes.

The clients can also have these URLs configured through Group Policy Objects.

These files have the *file extension (that is, device Address Book Server).

In Office Communications Server Standard Edition, the Address Book files are stored by default in :\%Program Files%\Office Communications Server 2007 R2\Web Components\Address Book Files\Files.

Office Communicator needs to be configured to access the Address Book file store by using an URL defined in one of the following formats: If your clients use an HTTPS URL to access the Address Book Server file store, verify that the client certificate is already trusted by Internet Explorer prior to an attempt by clients to access the Address Book URL.

If the client certificate is not trusted, the download fails.

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The number of days that the delta files are kept is set at the static value of 30 days, and this number cannot be changed.

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