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Joey chat cam room 23 02 2014

When it comes to poker content out there right now, there isn't much that is actually entertaining on any type of level these days.

People don't want to hear me say things like thecleaner11 plays really well, they want me to say thecleaner is a cock sucking mother fucker :) cleaner has always been really nice to me in the chat actually, i would love to meet him that hand between him and berri basically sums up my history with cleaner :) i'm not sure if i got some of the translation on some of the things in here incorrect but if someone said I'm not good at plo or something of that nature I will prop bet anyone in the dutch community not named cleaner11 or cheater l0ve2program on a buyins/month prop bet at midstakes Nou, tijd om hem eens te bellen om uit te vinden waar al die frustratie nou vandaan komt.

Deze week moest onder andere Jorryt "thecleaner11" van Hoof het ontgelden.

In the segment "Prisoner or Million Dollar Athlete?

I wondered if there were a Plan B, some other dose of drugs, something to speed up the death. In fact, as Wood was drowning in air, two of his attorneys left the room. At and , the doctor examined him and pronounced him "still sedated."A minute later, Arizona Department of Corrections Director Charles Ryan appeared in the window next to Wood's gurney, like some kind of narrator.

I later learned they had filed motions to try to get the execution stopped. It was like a scene featuring the stage manager in Thornton Wilder's play, "Our Town." Or maybe like Rod Serling in "Twilight Zone."The execution had been completed, he said.

Fashion Theme: Hoodies Web Redemption for QVC guy on a ladder in which Daniel claims that he experimented once with Women; Arm wrestling while tosh shows the audience how to do the macarana wearing a sombrero and taking shots of whiskey.

Fashion Theme: Cardigans Web Reunion with the Crystal Light dancers after 23 years.

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The reunion involves an appearance by Alan Thicke who originally hosted them.

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