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Kenya dating advice bookstore

But he adds that equity investment is ideal for those businesses that do not want to increase their level of borrowing, or are unable to provide the necessary security.

If you're considering equity investment, two options are so-called " business angels" and venture capitalists.

"SEO isn't that important if you have spent money effectively on online ads.

A lot of people try to get to the top of search engines – and there can only be one."Customer transactions Make it fast and easy for customers to order, as a site with a difficult sales process is likely to lose customers, says James.

It was after starting out working for Ann Summers as a party planner for home events that Julie identified a gap in the market for a "buy in your own home" service for baby products and accessories."I looked at what else was out there, and the types of products I might be able to sell, and then I got started designing my own online model," Julie says.

Bank finance in the form of a loan or overdraft is usually cheaper than selling shares or equity in your business, says Macklin.These operate on a "pay per click" basis, so you only pay when someone clicks through to your website.James also recommends emailing your friends and family with details of your site."It should be as succinct and accessible as possible, and around 20 pages at most," he says.Finding a market One of the most important elements of setting up an online business is finding out if there is a market for your idea."It's all about finding a niche," says William Berry, a self-made internet millionaire.

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Keep the site clean and simple: people will buy from you if they trust the site and can find what they want."Make sure you update your website's content constantly, as innovation, imagination and invention are essential if you are going to succeed in the longer term," he says.