Liquidating partnership with capital deficiency

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The average capital investments for the year were: Nieto 0,000, Keller 0,000, and Pickert 0,000.If partnership net income is 0,000, the amount distributed to Nieto should be: The net income of the Rice and Nance partnership is 0,000.The income ratios are 20%, 20% and 60% respectively. The partnership pays Gast 0,000 cash for her partnership interest.After Gast’s retirement, what is the balance of Irving’s capital account?Vicky will invest a building with a book value of ,000 and a fair market value of ,000 with a mortgage of ,000. In liquidation, balances prior to the distribution of cash to the partners are: Cash 5,000; Presley, Capital 0,000; Laswell, Capital 0,000, and Hunter, Capital ,000 deficiency. How much cash should be distributed to Laswell if Hunter does not pay his deficiency?On November 30, capital balances are Gast 0,000, Cook 0,000 and Irving 0,000.To illustrate, Sam Sun wants to go on a beach vacation and decides to take ,000 out of the business.Ron Rain wants to go to Scotland and will take ,000 out of the business.

The partnership agreement of Nieto, Keller, and Pickert provides for the following income ratio: (a) Nieto, the managing partner, receives a salary allowance of ,000, (b) each partner receives 15% interest on average capital investment, and (c) remaining net income or loss is divided equally.

Ron is also going to transfer the ,000 note on the automobile to the business.

The journal entries would be: The entries could be separated as illustrated or it could be combined into one entry with a debit to cash for 5,000 (0,000 from Sam and ,000 from Ron) and the other debits and credits remaining as illustrated. Since the note will be paid by the partnership, it is recorded as a liability for the partnership and reduces the capital balance of Ron Rain.

Partners can take money out of the business whenever they want.

Partners are typically not considered employees of the company and may not get paychecks.

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Partners (or owners) can invest cash or other assets in their business.

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