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"We, too, have long working hours, in fact, sometimes even longer than men, and our jobs are as stressful.Hence, if I expect my husband to help me with the household chores, what's so annoying about it?

This month, we give you a rundown of the top 10 sex moves women crave in bed. " –Cat, 24"I like the way you f***." –Katrina, 27"I was having sex with one guy, and he told me: 'I'd do anything for you.'" –Alice, 23"I love when guys compliment my hoo-ha.Some of my favorites: 'I love the way you smell.' 'You taste so good, I can do this all night.' 'You have a really nice vagina.If he can expect me to be by his side during highs and lows, can't I expect such a small thing from him," says Bijalpita Dasgupta, an engineer by profession.Many feel that men who know cooking can be great companions for life, as they believe in sharing the simple joys in life like giving your better half a deserving break from the kitchen.

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Opening up about your liabilities and investments to your partner will make it simpler.

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