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Here we've created a new QDate Time Edit object initialized with today's date, and restricted the valid date range to today plus or minus 365 days. The minimum value for QDate Time Edit is 14 September 1752, and 2 January 4713BC for QDate.You can change this by calling set Minimum Date(), set Maximum Date(), set Minimum Time(), and set Maximum Time().

If the datetime is not a valid QDate Time object, this function does nothing.

The arrow keys can be used to move from section to section within the QDate Time Edit box.

Dates and times appear in accordance with the format set; see set Display Format().

If the cursor Position is 3 current Section Index is 0 etc.

set Current Section() This property was introduced in Qt 4.3. This property holds the QDate Time that is set in the QDate Time Edit.

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This property holds the current calendar pop-up showing mode.