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Quickly, the strangler's garotte closes around her neck, too. Her partner's body is dragged up onto the bed and the naked corpses are posed and left to be discovered. A hangman's noose, cut off about 18" from the knot.To the beautiful Brooke it's just another day...... As she holds the noose, a blinding flash and she is time warped back into 1684.Then she is cut down and carried to her burial site...Angelina (Ashley Lane) worked for a big corporation.The boyfriend goes for help, leaving the girlfriend alone with the eerie box.The girl's curiosity gets the better of her and she opens it.

She is kept in her cell overnight, then the Brothers return in the morning and her clothes are ripped off her body and her hands bound behind her back.

Within lies a sensuous, busty vampire who mesmerizes the girl and turns her into a midnight snack.

What evil will the boyfriend encounter when he returns? When he refuses to talk, his wife is kidnapped and brought in and stripped in his presence.

She is chloroformed, stripped naked, and taken to a gibbet deep in the woods where she is noosed and forced to stand on a stool.

Soon, she is swinging, kicking, spasming, drooling and ultimately dead.

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As she begins to come too, the strangler has the tie around her soft, white neck.

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