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That ,547.50 paid for all of the “interviewing, eligibility screening, qualifying of new members, compatibility testing, evaluation, profiling, processing of new members, membership search, and/or advertising and marketing expenses” listed in the contract.Kansas Singles earned the other half, Bradford’s letter said, once he accepted the company’s first introduction.In one photo crossover, Lisa’s testimonial on Kansas Singles accompanies the same photo of a couple that adorns Lois’ testimonial on Arkansas Singles.A search on Google Images showed that each of the photos checked on Brotherton Holding’s singles sites were stock images widely used online.

O’Neill said Kansas Singles did not provide a photo of Eva, his first match, though he said his photo was taken at the Leawood office.Nichols said complaints filed this year with the Missouri attorney general’s office relating to an affiliated service in that state have been “amicably resolved.” Finally, Nichols said Kansas Singles stands by a letter submitted by Dawn Bradford of Kansas Singles when O’Neill had told his credit card company to block the substantial payment. She still worked, but he had retired from teaching at Jackson State University in Jackson, Miss. “I flew to KC to meet a woman with the face of an angel and the body of a goddess. O’Neill said he isn’t sure how he connected first with Kansas Singles. Kansas Singles is part of a sprawling network of similar services in several states, including Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Idaho and New Mexico.O’Neill had signed a contract that makes two points clear “without question,” Bradford’s letter said, “that we make no guarantee of satisfaction and that the service rendered was exactly as described.” Digital romance is nothing new to O’Neill, a Kansas City area resident since 2004. Glenda Marie Sherrill also was spiritual, which he explained is different from religious. He had been scouting dating sites online but didn’t feel ready to start meeting women. Related matchmaker sites overlap some of that territory but mostly expand the group’s map into California, including Santa Rosa, San Jose, Carmel, Sacramento, Fresno and Alamo.O’Neill’s credit card company has told him that he must cover the entire ,095 charge.Howe said his office is investigating the complaints he has received.

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He said he also was offered a $6,000 premium contract and a $7,000 platinum version for more introductions. Eva, he was told, was 82, 5 feet 3 inches and 130 pounds. Kansas Singles doesn’t provide photos of matches, just a phone number when both parties agree to be introduced. “They weren’t the jocks at college and they weren’t picking up girls all the time,” Brotherton told Business Insider.

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