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These reviews can be serious, humorous, or some blend of the two.Before you go ahead with this idea, keep a few points in mind.Millions of people search for educational resources every day – why not capture a part of that audience?For example, You Tube user andyfieldmagic has a series on learning card tricks.Be engaging – there’s nothing worse than a boring reviewer. If you gather a large enough audience, the You Tube Partner program is always a choice.Setting up review website (start with our Best Web Hosting Services page) that supplements your videos with text reviews can turn into a hit, but make sure you avoid saturated markets (e.g., most electronics).

Content is important here, but personality is just as important – your audience will be coming back time and time again to hear what So how do you make money?

So you have a webcam that you bought a while ago for recording You Tube cat videos but that never really took off and now you don’t know what to do.

Making money with a webcam can be difficult – unless you take the one route that everyone already knows about, if you catch my drift – and it will require some real effort out of you but it’s definitely possible.

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By this point, the You Tube Partner Program should be a no-brainer.

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