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Speed dating stats

The web levels the playing field, making it easier for new innovators to gain a foothold.

And if you want to switch from a Mac to a Windows PC or vice-versa, the web smooths your way.

Even on a fast network with a high-end phone, the web today can be painfully slow and hard to use.

A key part of fixing that is a programming movement called progressive web apps, or PWAs, that Google helped develop and that it's now promoting at its Google I/O developer conference.

The result, according to Google, was 53 percent more people using the mobile website on i OS.

On all mobile devices, people were 17 percent more likely to take an action like actually buying something, according to Google's stats.

With PWAs, using the web can be a lot more like using a native app.

French perfumier Lancome needed a better e-commerce system for mobile devices and pondered writing a native app, but decided on PWA instead since it expected few people to bother with downloading, installing and launching a sales app.

One big example: the new Twitter Lite website that arrived for mobile devices in April.

People use it 50 percent more than the earlier version, and when they do, they view 60 percent more pages, Google says.

Don't expect to dump your native apps for progressive web apps.

But do expect them to spread."The modern mobile web has gone mainstream," said Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, the Google vice president leading Chrome browser work at Google.

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They're easier to install, too, since all you do is open the web site.