Unofficially dating

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Unofficially dating

It was so serious so soon with all of that, because when that happened in the film with the surrogate, we’d only been together for two months. ” It was such a tricky sort of thing to navigate, and also simple in that we both wanted kids and it would have been great. AE: Even though the film is about Tig, it’s kind of an unofficial coming out for you. SA: That’s what’s so strange about it because I didn’t even think about that, actually.So it was a very intense way to start off our relationship and especially because it shifted into, “Are we doing this together? It was my own personal thing and now it’s in the documentary, I’m like “Oh my god—it’s now this thing that other people are asking me about and relating to.” I’m sort of happy about it because it was so surprisingly difficult and even since that time two years ago, I feel like the world has shifted exponentially in that area.Some people might see that as a red flag in a new relationship—was it scary to you at all?SA: You know, it really wasn’t and I think because we had such a slow build in our relationship—I already knew she was trying to have kids so when it became us together, it was just sort of what she was already in the middle of. SA: I’m sure it’s what Tig said, which is we are very much in the process of doing that but not sharing the “how.” We’re working on it.

AE: So what is it like now for people to refer to you as gay?There’s certain moments where I know I’m ducking off in a corner in places.And then once we were kind of more “Oh we’re definitely in a relationship,” it’s weirder for me not to be.Later on, Macky meets Ces again in his new job as a reporter for Manila Bulletin. In 2011, Star Cinema offered the main protagonists to Cruz and Locsin after their primetime TV Series that aired on ABS-CBN, Imortal.Ün Officially Yours was first announced in the now defunct showbiz news program, SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon.

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Outside of career, though, she was trying to have a baby and also maintaining a close friendship with her 2013 film , and we see the early text messages they exchanged, hear stories about how they felt about one another, and see Stephanie’s struggles as she comes to terms with realizing she was interested in dating a woman for the first time.

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