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Updating gnome

This is an idea that has a long pedigree within other projects, and Free BSD is very consciously modelling its implementation on what has worked elsewhere.When a significantly disruptive or wide-scale change is proposed, we should have a formal mechanism for documenting the change and what it implies.Creating a more formal process should help avoid endless sterile arguments about what needs to be done, without anyone feeling they have sufficient investment in the idea nor backing from the majority of the project to justify putting in the work to achieve the desired result.The very first FCP — FCP 0 — describes the process itself.This will be a normal support-lifetime release, unlike the extended lifetime of the 10.3 release, so the overall support lifetime for the 10.x branch will not be significantly extended.During this quarter, Core has approved issuing three new commit bits.These projects and others are further detailed below.—Mark Linimon The Free BSD Release Engineering Team is responsible for setting and publishing release schedules for official project releases of Free BSD, announcing code freezes, and maintaining the respective branches, among other things.The Free BSD11.1-RELEASE cycle started on May 19, and continued as scheduled.

More PRs got closed this quarter than last quarter, but also more PRs got sent in, both of which are good to see.

GNOME is one of the most popular desktop environments for Linux users today and version 3.20 happens to be the latest iteration of the graphical user interface and was only recently released.

It comes with major bug fixes, new features, translation updates and also documentation.

Free BSD consumers are urged to test whenever possible to help ensure the reliability and stability of the upcoming second release from the This quarter, 2017Q2, broke the 30,000 ports landmark for the first time.

The PR count is currently just under 2,500, with almost 600 of them unassigned.

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Project Members receive an @Free e-mail address, access to various Project hardware, access to internal mailing lists and other communications channels, and invitations to attend Developer Summits in their own right.