Who is dating wentworth miller

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While at Princeton, he performed with the a cappella group the Princeton Tigertones, and was a member of the Quadrangle Club and the Colonial Club.

He has stated that his rocky road to stardom "was a long time in the coming and there were a lot of upsets and a lot of failures and roadblocks, but I couldn't walk away from it.

Family relationships and attachments are not as important to him as they are to most people and Miller often considers his friends closer to him than his blood relatives.

Certainly, Miller's sympathy and concern extends much beyond his immediate family.

He is reportedly in negotiations to write the screenplay adaptation of the novel The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski which is set to be produced by Oprah Winfrey and Tom Hanks among others.

Miller said that his weight gain was due to him finding comfort in food as he was suicidal.He is not easily moved by emotional displays and can be curiously detached from his own emotions and those of others.It is almost as if he could turn his feelings on and off at will; Wentworth should be careful not to leave the switch "off" too often, for he could easily become too impersonal.He made his screenwriting debut with the 2013 thriller film Stoker.In 2014, he began playing Leonard Snart/Captain Cold in a recurring role on The CW series The Flash before becoming a series regular on the spin-off Legends of Tomorrow.

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After appearing in a few minor television roles, he moved on to co-star in the 2003 film The Human Stain, playing the younger version of the Anthony Hopkins character, Coleman Silk.