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X rated adult dating

Each guy reviewed 1-2 of the so-called “best dating sites” for adults for a 3-month period. In case you’re a bit confused by the charts above, we are going to explain some things.The person responsible for reviewing each site was required to send out 2 emails per day (no more, no less) to random women.I've tried many other dating sites before, only to find wierdos and liars.I joined xd8 and within 1 month I'd found a gorgeous loving guy, Peter. This was the best £15 investment I ever made in my life.I have so much fun talking online with the most amazing girls.I only use the online service I have never met anyone in the flesh yet, but online sex is brilliant.We aren’t going to get into details about why those sites are so great right here.You’ll have to read each individual review for that.

First of all, there are tons of attractive girls on those sites.

But we did have amazing success on the 3 sites listed above.

Before we show you a chart of our results, here are the bios of the guys reviewing them… They are the largest ones out there and have the best member base.

On all of the other adult sites we tested out, we encountered some very disturbing scams.

There were a ton of fake profiles, scam artists, and absolutely nothing that resembled a legitimate adult online dating website.

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